With this meeting open to all, amateurs and elite, whether they are members of LGBTQIA community or not, MUST as a sport association has a mission to promote values based on non-discrimination.

This will be an event of friendship, tolerance and inclusiveness that will bring us all together in the spirit of Pierre De Coubertin. We would like to promote this event as a celebration of sport accessible to all citizens and visitors of Marseille, that will make our city a true European capital of sport open to everybody, amateurs and elites, youth and veterans, LGBTQIA and heterosexuals. We would like to invite disabled sprinters and retrorunners as well to join us in this meeting.

Our mission is to organize this meeting regularly to continuously promote tolerance, equality and inclusiveness of all.

We are expecting participation from numerous athletes, LGBTQIA or not, from all over not only Europe but, hopefully, the whole world. Through international participation, we will strive to create new partnerships and friendships that will contribute to international promotion and exposure of Marseille.

The International Meeting of Athletics for All will hopefully bring together elite athletes who want to make a last test before the Championship of France, as well as amateur non licensed athletes who want to participate in a friendly competition where all participants will be equally cheered and supported.

The anticipated start of the meeting is at 10 a.m. and will last until 6 p.m. at the stadium Delort, professionally equipped stadium for athletics in Marseille.

Expected participants are amateurs, novice and experienced athletes starting from 18 years old and without age limit, af all genders, with or without license. Athletes without license are obliged to obtain a medical certificate proving that they are able to participate in the competition.

Within each discipline some events might be offered separately for licensed athletes.

The meeting is sanctioned by the French Federation of Track and Field.

Image rights: Attention! The meeting will be filmed and photographed by the meeting officials. By participating in this meeting you are agreeing to be filmed and photographed during the competition.

A bar with refreshments will be available at the stadium.

Languages of communication: English and French


8 h 00 – 9 h 30: arrival and check in.

9 h 30 – 9 h 45: opening speech.

10 h 00: start of the competition.

5:00 pm: medal ceremonies for the afternoon competitions

end of the competition.

Each athlete can participate in 6 events + 100m retrorunning + relay.

In the field events, except the high jump, competitors will participate in the qualification round with 3 trials. 8 competitors with the best results will go to the final round with 3 trials.

Note 1: the retrorunning can be a dangerous activity and proper training is required. By registering for this event the athlete assumes all responsibilities in case of injury

Note 2: separate elite series are envisaged for certain events (places are limited, first come, first served !).  Elite athletes may choose to not participate in the elite series, even when they are scheduled

Note 3: the Organizing Committee reserves the right to limit the number of participants for any event (to stay within the available time), ending registrations in advance of the date limit (so sign up quickly!)

We have recently added the 100/110 hurdles for an attempt to the European record Masters.


Men individual

Women individual

Relays (4 men or 4 women)

Transgender or intersex participants can participate within the gender category of their choice.

Projected age categories:

Open: 18-29 years old

Senior : 30-39 years old

Master : 40-49 years old … 10 years group age

Your age on July 8, 2017 will determine your age group. For the relay events average age of the team will be taken to determine the age group. Two age groups (more or less than 35yo).

(Depending on the number of participants, age groups can be determined differently)


Medals will be given to the first, second and third place in each discipline, separately for men and women and for each age category.